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Fall 2015 September 26th Lan


Greetings summoners!

We are back again and more than happy to announce the first event, and first LAN of the Fall 2015 semester! The event will take place at Newsom Hall!

We would like to start drafting by 1:30pm, and get the tournament itself going by 2:00pm. That means you MUST be there by 1:30 to participate in the tournament (players allowing)

As usual players will be required to bring the following:

-A computer to play on
-An ethernet cable (20ft preferred)
-AND OF COURSE A FRIEND (actually optional, but please do :D)

2015-2016 Semester Announcement


"Welcome to Summoners Rift" - errr the 2015-2016 CSU school year! First and foremost I would like to welcome everyone back from their summer vacations! If you graduated in the spring then congratulations! Alumni are more than welcome to participate in our events and I encourage you all to do so.

I have a few announcements to make for this upcoming year so be prepared!

1. As the Summer split finals came to a close on Sunday I would once again like to remind everyone that we keep this page spoiler-free for a week minimum.

No, we aren't dead!


Well it might have been hard to tell but the website isn't dead yet! I finally found some time to roll out updated on the site and fix a variety of problems(yay email is working again!). Stay tuned for more features to roll out in the coming days!

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CSU stream Hub


Hey everyone, this is your Content coordinator.

Just wanted to let everyone know that we have just added a stream hub with links
to some of our streamers here within the club. Don't see your stream up there?
Just add your stream info in your csulol.com account settings and you will be added automatically!
Please help support your fellow players by stopping in and watching their streams
We hope to get video on our stream page soon and stay tuned for more content to come


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